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Miro is a neurobehavioral research platform that optimizes direct-from-participant data collection, scoring, and analysis for better brain science

The FDA has designated Miro a Breakthrough Device

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Recruitment & Screening

Start with Miro’s Participant Relationship Manager (PRM) to automate and scale your recruitment and screening.

Expand your capacity

Scale your data collection with mobile assessments. View real- time results derived by A.I. and machine learning engines.

Bend your cost curve

Support study progress within and across institutions with Miro’s centralized study dashboard.


Up to 15 participants

3 month duration

Single site

Bring your research to light

New data types drive new insights

Take a giant step forward with Miro’s observational data collection and analysis. Easily quantify patient behaviors with A.I. analysis of audio, video, and touchscreen recordings.

Mobile assessments + Automated analyses

Advance your research with Miro’s self-administered cognitive and neurobehavioral assessment platform. Miro combines multiple specialty assessments into one simple app and can be self-administered in 30-45 minutes.

Recruitment and screening


Clinically-validated neurobehavioral assessments


Study management

Jumpstart your study

Accelerate enrollment and keep costs low with automated candidate recruitment, screening, and a-synchronous consent

Get the data you need

Scale data collection with remote, clinically-validated, self-administered mobile assessments

Reclaim your time

Easily monitor study health and manage participants with our built-in participant relationship manager (PRM)

Do better science

Gain new insights with Miro’s observational measures. Confidently run longitudinal studies with limitless versions.


Our customers love us

"Miro is the most important advancement to the field in decades."

- Alicyn Campbell,
Global Head of Patient Reported Outcomes

"I’m really impressed. Everyone is making assessments, but you also deliver science, analytics, and a platform that are useful to our core business."

- Dr. L. Park, Director, Scientific Affairs

"We tested Miro in research and patients love it. We’re using it now for research and clinic."

- Dr. A. Hillis, Director, Center of Stroke Prevention and Diagnosis, Professor of neurology

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