Effortlessly collect high-quality data

Valid, longitudinal testing is easy with Miro’s limitless versions. Participants are automatically assessed at each time point with modules that adapt to their abilities.

Easy, efficient, accurate

Mobile assessments + Automated analyses

Advance your research with Miro’s self-administered cognitive and neurobehavioral assessment platform. Miro combines multiple specialty assessments and questionnaires in one simple app.

Recruitment and screening

Clinically-validated neurobehavioral assessments


Study management

Areas of measurement



Executive function

Learning and Memory

Motor Function

Processing Speed

Speech and Language

Visuospatial, visuoconstruction

Do better research faster and cheaper

Next-generation data collection tools

Sample List

Miro’s comprehensive library of self-report questionnaires makes it easy to tailor questionnaires to meet patient needs.

- Activities of Daily Living
- Caregiver Report
- Demographics
- Exercise Habits
- Geriatric Depression Scale
- Fatigue
- Limb Function
- Mayo-Portland Adaptability Inventory
- Positive and Negative Symptoms
- Sleep Quality
- Social Activities Participation

Self-Report Questionnaires

Miro Innovation

New Data Types

Miro captures audio, video, motion, and touch screen recordings of patients. Recordings provide high-fidelity signals for precision analysis.

Infinite Versioning

Patented methods provide infinite repeatability with little to no learning effects.

Machine-Driven Analytics

Miro’s machine-driven data science rapidly extracts features from high-
fidelity signals for precise, reliable results.

Adaptive Assessment

Miro adapts to each user’s ability.

Precision Measurement

Rich data signals plus data-driven analytics yield unprecedented precision measurements.

Persistent Memory

Clinicians no longer need to rely on memory. Recordings are saved for future reference.


Miro can be administered in the office or remotely.

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