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Data Collection Tools

Automated Data Analyses

Study Management

Data Collection Tools

Data Collection Tools

Miro continuously calculates performance scores and study statistics as your data rolls in. Just review results, write-up your findings, and publish.

e-Consent and Screen

Accelerate enrollment with automated candidate recruitment and eligibility screening.

Interactive Assessments

Boost your data quality with features extracted from high-fidelity patient recordings.

Self-report questionnaires

Meet your study’s needs with our comprehensive library of questionnaires.

Study Design

Choose a standard battery or customize your own. Set your time points and data analyses.


Automated Data Analyses

Miro continuously calculates performance scores and study statistics as your data rolls in. All you need to do is review results, write-up your findings, and publish.

  • Gather better evidence from recordings that yield over 1,000 reliable features

  • Let our Artificial Intelligence quantify behavioral data from participant recordings

  • View real-time group to group comparisons or cohort performance scores

  • Compare Miro scores with analogous neuropsychological test scores

Automated Data Analyses

Study Management At-A-Glance

Run single and multi-site studies with minimal clinical, administrative, and statistical staff and zero overhead.

  • Stay on top of study progress as your data rolls in

  • Receive alerts and reminders that keep your goals on track

Study Management At-A-Glance

Meaningful Innovations

Miro is an FDA-designated

More than cognition

Miro brings multiple specialty assessments together in one simple app. Reliably gather cognitive, emotional, behavioral, motor, speech, and language data through one simple app.

Limitless Versions

Collect reliable longitudinal data with limitlessly repeatable assessments (validated and patented).

New Data Types

Take a giant leap forward with observational data collection and analysis. Capture audio, video, motion, and touch screen recordings of patients. Easily quantify patient behaviors with our Intelligent analyses. Assessments are adaptive.

Intelligent Analytics

Rapidly extract cogent features from patient recordings for unprecedented accuracy, precision, and reliability.

Efficiency and Scale

Reap the benefits of the massive scalability and efficiency yielded by self-administrable tools.


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