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Study Design

Library of medical and research questionnaires

Customizable questionnaires and interactive assessments, interpreted performance scores, and robust study statistics


  • Track progress toward study goals.

  • Develop new strategies to accelerate enrollment.

  • Monitor site performance.

  • Choose a standard battery or customize your own.


  • Run single- and multi-site studies with minimal clinical, administrative, and statistical staff and zero overhead.

  • Harmonize data across studies with Miro’s standard tools.

  • View group to individual or cohort performance scores at a single time point or across time points.

  • Download your data to verify Miro’s findings or to calculate your own study stats.

  • Discover new phenotypic profiles and sub-types with Miro’s A.I. and machine learning approaches.

  • Stay on top of study statistics as your data rolls in.

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